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The world of group health insurance plans can often be an overwhelming place if you are a small business owner. The good news is that when you offer your employees an enticing benefits package, you are more likely to retain highly qualified workers, so this simple fact should motivate you to research the best coverage options in the marketplace. While shopping for a Jacksonville small business health insurance plan for your employees, you should consider the coverage options, cost-sharing expenses, monthly premium costs, dental and vision care add-ons, and guidance from a licensed agent or marketplace. 


Coverage Options

Before you can buy a group health insurance policy, you must first determine who you want to cover in the plan. Along with covering yourself and your family, you need to identify which employees you want to cover. Do you want to cover full-time and part-time workers? Will you also cover your workers’ dependents and spouses?

In addition, you should consider the specific health needs of your workers. Will your employees require prescription medication or pregnancy coverage? How frequently will your employees visit the doctor? The answer to these many questions will ensure that you are obtaining coverage that will benefit your employees. 

Cost-Sharing Expenses

When purchasing a Jacksonville group health insurance plan for your employees, you must consider the two primary costs that are related to the policy. The first cost is the monthly premium to keep the plan. The second cost is the cost-sharing expense.

The cost-sharing expense is immediately activated when you or your employees receive coverage. This cost includes deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance. If you plan to have a low monthly premium, be prepared for a high cost-sharing expense. On the other hand, a high monthly premium will have a low cost-sharing expense. 
Will your employees visit the doctor often and take many prescription drugs? If so, consider buying a plan with a high monthly premium and low cost-sharing expenses. 

Monthly Premiums Costs

Most small business group health insurance providers require that employers pay the company at least 50 percent of the monthly premiums for each worker. The employee is responsible for the remaining cost of the premium. 

Although there are less requirements concerning the amount you should contribute to the premiums of your workers’ dependents and spouses, it’s a good idea to understand the potential challenges your employees may encounter when covering their loved ones under the new health insurance plan. 

Dental and Vision Care Add-Ons

When you include dental and vision care in the health insurance plan, you are creating an attractive benefits package for your employees. Dental and vision care can either be purchased separately or added to to the plans as riders or add-ons.

Group Health Insurance Guidance 

As you are shopping for the best group health insurance for your employees, you should consider enlisting the help from a licensed agent or marketplace. These professional resources can direct you to the most appropriate insurance companies who have the right coverage options for your specific needs. In addition, a licensed insurance agent can answer all your questions about the plan and assist you with enrolling your employees in coverage. When the time comes to renew your policy, a licensed insurance professional will also be right by your side to review the policy in order to make sure that you are receiving the best possible coverage in your area.

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