Hurricane season can be unpredictable, so it is important to always be prepared. Living in a hurricane-prone area, you are most likely already prepared to weather a storm by stocking up on canned goods, water, candles, etc.

While you may be thinking about the immediate future, and are prepared, it is also important to think about long-term protection. If there is a hurricane headed toward your home, insurers will not allow homeowners to buy insurance if there is a hurricane watch currently in place. That is why you must make sure you have insurance protection in place from now.

Here on the East Coast, we are prone to hurricanes, so coverage for hurricane damage, such as wind damage or storm damage, in a standard homeowners insurance policy may be excluded or limited.

Most homeowners insurance policies cover hurricane damage, but there can be an exception for flooding, which might be a separate policy that you might have to purchase. You may also need to purchase additional windstorm coverage as well.

By working with a home insurance company, you can learn more about your options, and see what is actually covered in your policy. You don’t want to assume your home is fully protected during an emergency, only to find that the damage is not actually covered after the fact.

It is too late to protect your home once a major storm hits, as it takes 30 days for a flood policy to take effect. Home insurance companies in Jacksonville, FL (like Thomas & Associates) can help you make sure you are prepared.

A home insurance company can make sure that your home is properly protected before a storm hits. This is not something you want to try to take on yourself, as you don’t want to miss covering any part of your home, or miss purchasing particular coverage that your home might need.

We are here to make sure that you have solid coverage to protect your home and the memories that it holds so that you can continue to make new memories you can cherish, no matter what storm comes your way.

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As your local Jacksonville, Florida Farmers agency, our team at Thomas & Associates is dedicated to helping you make sure your home is protected to the fullest. The knowledgeable staff at our home insurance company can help you find a policy that is right for your home and ensure that everything that should be covered is taken care of. No two people’s life situations are the same, so we specifically customize home insurance plans to your needs and budget.

At Thomas & Associates, we are one of the first agencies to bring Farmers ® to Florida. We are here to serve you as your local Farmers ® agents and provide you with the best property/home insurance coverage that you need to stay protected.

We will get you a plan that is affordable and gives you the proper coverage. Let us help you find the right home insurance plan.

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