Off-Exchange Health Insurance MarketPlace Jacksonville FL

Off-Exchange Health Insurance MarketPlace Jacksonville FL

Off-Exchange health insurance is offered to people that do not qualify for ObamaCare Subsidy from the Federal MarketPlace. There are 49 plans available in Jacksonville Florida ALL with different premiums, provider networks and plan benefits. When trying to decipher the “best option” via the internet remember price is only one of key components. You should check provider networks for your doctors and hospital plus consider the coinsurance, copays and deductibles. So, unless you are insurance savvy and computer efficient comparing can be a daunting task. It is much easier and secure to let us do the free research for YOUR 3Rs *** Right Doctors, Right Coverage, Right Price!

The Annual Open Enrollment for 2017 Qualified ACA Plans ended January 31, however, you may qualify through a Triggering Event for a Special Enrollment and you will have 60 days to apply: 1) Gain Dependent 2) Gain Citizenship 3) Loss Group Coverage 4) Move New Area.  These are the main Triggers but there are other opening Events so contact us for your eligibility questions.

CAUTION – If you buy a Non-Qualified Health Plan you are subject to a Penalty because the policy does not meet ACA requirements, does not cover pre-existing conditions, and has limited benefits.

The Differences Between On-and-Off-Exchange Plans

It is possible for the same health coverage plan to be offered on and off the exchange. In this case, they would have the same price and would be the exact same plan.

However, off-exchange health insurance plans may provide more customization and different options compared to on-exchange health insurance plans. For example, an on-exchange plan may require pediatric vision benefits through the plan, while an off-exchange plan may allow you to add this as a stand-alone policy.

Not all plans sold in the off-exchange health insurance marketplace are also found in the on-exchange health insurance marketplace. Some of the largest health insurance companies in the United States only offer a few of their health plans on-exchange. It’s important to know that when using any government exchange you are buying on-exchange, but when using a local insurance agent you can buy on or off-exchange plans.

If you want to gain access to a full list of off-exchange health coverage plans, call a Thomas & Associates Agent Today!

Benefits of Off-Exchange Health Insurance Plans

If you don’t qualify for a premium subsidy, or even if you do, you’re not required to use the government marketplace to obtain health insurance. It may be very beneficial to shop off-exchange health plans as you will gain access to a larger number of choices. This is the top reason why individuals and families choose an off-exchange plan over an on-exchange plan.

With a plan not found on the health insurance marketplace, you may gain access to more than just the 10 essential benefits every plan must cover. Some plans provide a larger network of doctors, hospitals and providers to choose from. The off-exchange plans may also provide more options when it comes to your deductible and the amount of out-of-pocket expenses you will pay.

Another benefit of choosing off-exchange coverage is the type of drug coverage you may get. On-exchange plans tend to limit the drug coverage options, while off-exchange plans will provide a larger number of choices for prescription drugs.

How to Buy Health Insurance Outside the Exchange

If you don’t qualify for a premium subsidy or you prefer to shop with a larger number of health insurance options, finding an off-exchange insurance plan is your best choice. You won’t find these plans through any government marketplace. Instead, you will want to contact a local Jacksonville agent to help you with your health insurance needs.


You can speak with one of the highly trained, professional agents at Thomas & Associates at no cost to you. We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide the personal service you won’t get with the marketplace. Call us today and let us help you find the right health coverage for your specific needs.