Healthcare is a complex and dynamic industry that keeps on evolving, and getting the right medical insurance is an overwhelming task. Other factors, such as getting specialists, prior authorizations, medications, and treatment plans, cause further confusion. To avoid these uncertainties, health insurance brokers are crucial.

But what does this group of professionals do? Read on to get more insights.

The Advantages of Using Health Insurance Brokers

Are you looking for health insurance in Jacksonville, FL? Your best bet is to purchase a plan through healthcare insurance brokers in Jacksonville, such as Thomas and Associates. These professionals help customers find the right policy.

They achieve the aforementioned condition by acting as intermediaries between health insurance companies (carriers) and consumers. In discharging their duties, they offer expert opinions and guidance by accessing policy information, allowing them to help customers choose personalized options.

More importantly, many brokers employ data-driven systems that provide information on trends, health risks, and benchmark insights. Their access to a variety of insurance options makes them your ideal partner in helping you settle on a plan.

Always remember, though there are several health insurance brokers in Jacksonville Florida, the most important aspect to look for is whether they are licensed. At Thomas and Associates, we are a fully licensed, certified, and bonded company.

Tailored Solutions for Individuals

Health insurance brokers act as middlemen connecting health insurance companies with customers while advising their clientele accordingly. They achieve this by comparing policies and enrolling their clients in a plan that meets their budget and other needs. At Thomas and Associates, we’ve been in the game for many years, always helping our clients achieve personalized insurance that covers their medical needs adequately.

Comprehensive Solutions for Businesses

At Thomas and Associates, we help businesses compare health plans and narrow them down based on the level of coverage and budget needs, as well as help them cover their employees. Whether you need an all-inclusive plan, such as the one that covers vision and dental, or a basic plan, we are always ready to help.


Mark Palmer

“I own a plumbing business in Jacksonville and getting a comprehensive health plan that could cover my employees comprehensively was expensive. Thank God I met Thomas and Associates now I can cover my employees and still save money on the premiums.”

Expertise and Support

Since our founding in 1970, Thomas and Associates have been amongst the best health insurance brokers in Jacksonville, Florida. We pride ourselves on years of experience matching clients with personalized healthcare plans. We keep current with technology and use data-driven systems to analyze trends in the market, a scenario that helps us offer top-of-the-line services. Our staff are professional, knowledgeable, and always looking for an opportunity to help our highly esteemed customers.

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