Dental, Vision, Hearing Insurance

Dental Insurance in Jacksonville

Dental insurance can be a discount program or an indemnity plan. Below is a description of the types of dental coverage available in Jacksonville Florida … but it is easier to call us for help.

Dental Discount Plans

The dental discount plan is an alternative to dental insurance and offers savings on specific types of treatments from the contracted dentists. You can save from 10% to 60% on most dental procedures from dentists in the network, depending on plan or insurance there may be outside network benefits.

The major benefits of these types of plans include:

  • No annual limits
  • No health restrictions
  • No waiting period
  • Cosmetic dentistry savings
  • And More!

This type of discount plan comes in two forms: DMO or HMO. The DMO or Dental Maintenance Plans only allow you to user the plan on in-network dentists. The HMO or Health Maintenance Organization is also known as a prepaid plan. You choose one dentist or one dental facility for all of your needs. If you need to see a specialist, you will need to get a referral from your primary care dentist.

With the HMO dental plan, you will pay a copayment or a fixed amount for treatment. Diagnostic and preventative services often come with no copayment. However, if you go to a dentist outside the network, you will be responsible for the entire cost of treatment.

If you’re considering a dental discount plan, call one of our trained agents in Jacksonville today and receive your Free Quote.

Dental Indemnity Insurance

Dental indemnity insurance is the traditional fee-for-service insurance. It provides more latitude on the type of dental services you consume. The plan is much like a managed care option, which may save you from paying for unnecessary x-rays, but you may have to wait longer between checkups.

The main reason somebody chooses dental indemnity insurance is for complete control over the provider they want to use. It has the higher premiums and an annual maximum payment from the carrier. You will also have a small deductible with this type of dental coverage.

With indemnity insurance, you will have a waiting period before you can use it. However, it will also pay you or the dentist, which gives you even more control over the policy.

An agent at Thomas & Associates will be able to answer any questions you might have about dental indemnity insurance in Florida. Call us today and find out which type of coverage is best for you.

Combination or Dental, Vision and Hearing (DVH) Plans

Instead of just purchasing dental insurance or vision insurance, it makes sense to get a combination plan. This type of will cover dental, vision and hearing. The DVH plan provides a $1,000 or $1,500 per year policy maximum benefit. It’s a guaranteed acceptance plan with no health questions. You get the freedom to choose any providers and you can even get a low $100 deductible.

The plan will cover some things immediately, such as fillings, dental diagnostic exams and eye exams. Other types of treatment require a waiting period of 3 to 12 months.

After 3 months, dental examination X-rays are covers and after one year bridges and crowns are covered. Hearing coverage comes with a one-year waiting list for all services including hearing aids and exams. Coverage for eyeglasses and contact lenses will start after a six-month waiting period.

The policy will provide an increasing percentage paid for non-major services, which starts at 60% for the first year, then 70% after the first year and 80% after the second year.

A DVH policy is designed for those ages 18 to 89 with no coverage or limited coverage. The individual may be on Medicare or may have an individual health insurance policy.

You will be able to choose any audiologist, optometrist or dentist you prefer. The provider network has over 200,000 nationwide dental locations and you will save up to 50% when using a dentist in the Maximum Care Network.

The 30-Day Free Look Period

Regardless of the plan you choose, you can take advantage of the 30-day free look period. After you receive your policy, you can review your coverage and if for any reason you are not happy or no longer want the policy, the premium will be refunded to you.

The DVH plan is a great choice for anybody wanting to add full dental, vision and hearing coverage to Medicare or an individual health insurance plan. If you’re interested in this type of coverage, call a Jacksonville, Florida agent at Thomas & Associates for your Dental Insurance Quote today!

Why Choose Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance

  • Getting Dental, Vision, and Hearing insurance provides preventative care
  • Before the problem gets serious you can get treatment.
  • Having a regular examination can point to signs of chronic illness, disease, or health risk.
  • Up to $1,500 annual benefit limit available.
  • PPO and HMO networks available to choose from.
  • Summary of Benefits and Schedule of fees available to review before selecting your plan.
  • Several companies to choose from call Thomas & Associates (904) 730-3900 for more information.


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