You probably have health insurance, or you at least know how important it is to have health coverage. One medical bill could break the bank. But, do you have dental insurance? Do you think it’s important to have? Is it worth the cost?

Many people can avoid problems with their teeth due to brushing and flossing regularly, but sometimes due to genetics or the food we eat…problems just happen. Cavities. Root canals. Bridges. Crowns. All these dental procedures can add up quickly.

About 64 percent of Americans have dental insurance. Dental insurance is certainly worth the cost, depending on your plan and needs. When looking into dental insurance plans, consider the annual premium, policy coverage, and policy’s limit on benefits. In Jacksonville, Florida, there are ways to have affordable dental health insurance!

Jacksonville’s Affordable Dental Insurance Plans

Our team of certified agent brokers at Thomas & Associates insurance agency in Jacksonville, Florida, want to help you find a dental plan once you have decided to get one. By working with someone from our team, you will avoid signing up for a plan that doesn’t reflect your current needs and budget.

In Jacksonville, dental insurance can be a discount program or an indemnity plan. The dental discount plan is an alternative to dental insurance. It is either a DMO (Dental Maintenance Plan) or HMO (Health Maintenance Organization). Through this plan, you can save 10-60 percent on most dental procedures within the network. This plan has no annual limits, no health restrictions, no waiting period, cosmetic dentistry savings, and more!

The dental indemnity insurance is a fee-for-service insurance. Through this insurance, you have more control over the provider you choose. It has higher premiums and an annual maximum payment but there is also a small deductible. There is a waiting period before you can use this insurance.

Often, it may be in your best interest to buy a combined plan to save money if it suits your needs. A combination insurance plan would include dental, vision, and hearing or a DVH plan. You can choose providers and have a low deductible. The plan will cover some things immediately including fillings, dental diagnostic exam. Other types of treatment require a waiting period of three months to a year. After three months, dental X-rays are covered. After one year, bridges and crowns are covered.
Regardless of what you choose, you can change or get rid of your plan within 30 days. The premium will be refunded to you.

Although an added cost, dental insurance allows you to get preventative care treatments that can help you avoid more costly procedures. You can have regular examinations or go to the dentist whenever a problem arises.

Do You Need Help Getting Dental Insurance in Jacksonville?

If you’re in the market for dental insurance, our certified agent brokers at Thomas & Associates insurance agency in Jacksonville, Florida, can help you get the most cost-effective plan for your needs. We can get you a quote today and will explain the above-mentioned plans in more detail. We will make the process simple and easy for you to understand. You can count on us to find you the right dental coverage that reflect your needs, wants, and budget. With Thomas & Associates, you’ll know exactly what your dental plan is giving you. To get started with us, click our Jacksonville dental insurance contact page or call 904-730-3900