Improving Company Culture With the Help of Group Health

Recruiting and retaining skilled, motivated employees has always been a challenge, and that’s especially true in today’s highly competitive marketplace. 

Qualified job-seekers are increasingly looking for workplaces that offer more than a great wage — that’s why offering group health insurance in Jacksonville, FL makes good business sense.

Learn how experienced group health insurance brokers help small business owners attract top-tier candidates and create a positive company culture.

Attract Top-Tier Employees With Group Health Insurance in Jacksonville, FL

Offering a competitive wage can go a long way towards improving employee retention rates, but workers are increasingly drawn to employers that provide additional benefits. Many employees say they would forego a pay increase in exchange for group health benefits, especially if those benefits included vision and dental coverage.

In Jacksonville, FL, workers highly seek health insurance since the premiums and deductibles on small business health insurance plans are often lower than those on individual health insurance plans.

How Group Health Insurance Can Improve Corporate Culture

While savvy employees recognize the cost-savings of having a robust group health insurance plan, they also see group health insurance as a reflection of how their employer values them.

Workers who feel valued and supported are loyal, productive, and engaged at their job. Employer loyalty translates into day-to-day workplace behaviors that help improve the overall image of your brand and create an overall positive corporate culture.

Simply put, offering group health insurance can deliver an exceptional ROI for your small business. Offering health insurance benefits lets your employees know that their health and well-being are essential to your company, which goes a long way towards developing positive company culture.

Experienced group health insurance brokers such as Thomas & Associates can help you find small business health insurance plans that fit your needs and budget.

Jacksonville FL Group Health Insurance Specialists

To learn more about how group health insurance benefits can have a positive, lasting impact on your company culture, contact our team of Jacksonville, FL, group health insurance specialists here at Thomas & Associates.