Most people are familiar with Medicare but don’t really know what it covers. Medicare covers most medical expenses but not all. There are supplemental options that you can add to your existing Medicare plan to help you pay for other medical expenses. Medicare doesn’t cover everything, which is why looking into supplemental Medicare coverage is important for those enrolling in Medicare.

What is Not Covered by Medicare

Medicare has specific outlines for what it does and does not cover. Sometimes even when Medicare does cover your medical care, you may have to meet your deductible or copay. Some services not covered by Medicare include acupuncture, long term care, cosmetic surgery, and routine foot care. You may be surprised to learn that Medicare also does not cover hearing aid exams or fitting. Medicare also does not cover most dental care or eye exams related to prescribing glasses.

What is Medicare Part D?

Medicare Part D is an additional coverage option from Medicare that helps cover drug costs. Prescription drugs can be extremely expensive and having supplemental insurance can ease the cost of these drugs.

When enrolling in Medicare, you can select to add Medicare Part D to your plan. You can also add Medicare Part D to your plan every year during open enrollment.

What are other Additional Options

There are many other options other than Medicare Part D that provide supplemental insurance for services Medicare does not cover. Medigap is run through Medicare and provides supplemental insurance for Medicare. There are many different Medigap plans with different coverage and deductible options.

Other options for Medicare supplemental insurance include private insurance companies and employer coverage. When you retire, you should know the benefits you are getting from your employer. 

Insurance coverage, specifically Medicare coverage, can be hard to fully grasp. It is important to review your options and needs when deciding on Medicare supplemental insurance. It is also worthwhile to talk to an insurance agent broker who can help you find the coverage to fit your specific needs. 

Enrolling in Medicare in Florida

The 2020 Medicare Open Enrollment Period begins October 15 and runs through December 7. Don’t get overwhelmed with figuring out Medicare and when it’s best for you to enroll. Medicare isn’t as daunting of a thing to go through as it seems, especially when working with one of our agents at Thomas & Associates.  

At Thomas & Associates, we have years of experience helping people find and apply for the right Medicare insurance plan. We will help you choose a plan that covers the services you need and let you know how and when you are eligible. We will also help you pick a supplemental insurance option if you need one. Our certified agent brokers at Thomas & Associates insurance agency in Jacksonville, Florida, will help you select a Medicare insurance plan that is best suited to medical needs and finances. 

Let us help you find the right Medicare plan. Contact us to get a quote today! To work with our agents, click our Jacksonville Medicare insurance contact page or call 904-730-3900