How to Enroll in Medicare When You Turn 65

How to Enroll in Medicare When You Turn 65

August 19, 2019


Every American has the opportunity to register for Medicare once you turn 65. Enrolling in Medicare is different depending on if you are enrolling when you first turn 65 or if you decide to enroll afterward. There are a lot of intricacies when it is time to enroll. Your process differs on when you decide to enroll. You’ll want to research the different types of coverage offered by Medicare before you enroll. Thomas & Associates can help with a smooth transition from private insurance to Medicare and with helping to pick your Medicare Plan.

If you want to enroll in Medicare when you turn 65, you have two paths to do so. If you are already receiving social security benefits, you will automatically be enrolled when you turn 65. Enrolling when you first turn 65. Three months before the month of your 65th birthday, you’ll receive your Medicare card in the mail. Your coverage will begin the first day of the month you turn 65.

If you are turning 65 and not currently receiving Social Security benefits, your enrollment process is a bit more involved. Your enrollment window begins three months before you turn 65 and lasts for three months after the month of your 65th birthday. The window is a total of seven months. You will need to enroll in Medicare through the Social Security Administration. You can enroll in Medicare under the retirement section of the Social Security Administration website or by calling the Social Security Administration. If you would prefer to enroll in Medicare in person, you can enroll at your local Social Security Administration office.

If you didn’t sign up during your first enrollment window, you’re still able to enroll from January 1 through March 31 of each year during the General Enrollment Period. The General Enrollment Period is for people who didn’t apply during their first enrollment period and don’t qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. If you enroll during the General Enrollment Period, you may have to pay a higher premium for Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B. Your coverage will begin July 1.

If you were covered under a group health plan from your employer or your spouse’s employer, you may want to stay on the plan past your initial Medicare enrollment period. If you decide to stay with the group plan, you are still able to apply during the Special Enrollment Period. You have an eight-month Special Enrollment Period. If you sign up during this period your Medicare coverage will start the month after your employment ends or the month after your group health plan insurance ends. Usually, people who sign up for Medicare during a Special Enrollment Period do not have to pay a late enrollment fee.

While you’re enrolling in Medicare for the first time, you have the option to choose between Medicare part A or Medicare Part B. You also have the option to add Medicare Part C to your plan. If you don’t add Medicare Part C to your plan when you first enroll, you are only able to enroll during a three month period every year. This enrollment period differs from the General Enrollment Period. After your initial enrollment, you are only able to Add Medicare Part C or Part D to your Medicare plan during October 15th and December 7th of each year.

Enrolling in Medicare in Florida

The new Medicare OEP Open Enrollment Period, begins January 1, 2019 and runs through March 31, 2019. Don’t get overwhelmed with figuring out Medicare and when it’s best for you to enroll. Medicare isn’t as daunting of a thing to go through as it seems, especially when working with one of our agents at Thomas & Associates.

At Thomas & Associates, we have years of experience helping people find and apply for the right Medicare insurance plan. We will help you choose a plan that covers the services you need and let you know how and when you are eligible. Our certified agent brokers at Thomas & Associates insurance agency in Jacksonville, Florida, will help you select a Medicare insurance plan that is best suited to medical needs and finances.

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