Health Insurance Tips for 2023

Looking after your health is vital. And with the challenging economic times, people in Florida and around the world are making significant lifestyle changes and adjusting their spending habits. However, while these measures are essential, they shouldn’t be a reason to compromise your healthcare coverage.

As a matter of fact, in 2023, you should go for health insurance that addresses all your medical needs. But first, you should review your medical history before settling on any plan.

By understanding your healthcare needs, you get a clear picture of whether you should stick with your current plan in 2023 or switch to a new one.

Read on to get exclusive tips for securing health insurance in 2023 in Florida.

Options Considerations

Before settling on a particular plan in 2023:

  1. Research a wide range of options for health insurance.
  2. Acquaint yourself with health insurance terms such as deductibles, coinsurance, copays, premiums, and out-of-the-pocket maximums.
  3. For those aging into Medicare, make sure you understand the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

With this knowledge, you stand to make informed decisions when choosing your plan.

Anticipation of Future Health Expenses

You might expect to undergo a significant health event, such as childbirth or surgery, in the coming year. In this case, consider a variety of plan designs tailored to your specific situation. This should include additional out-of-the-pocket costs. Make sure you have the right plan to handle your upcoming health event.

Specialty Benefits Consideration

Did you know that Original Medicare doesn’t cover hearing, dental, and vision? The good news is that Medicare Advantage does. These additional benefits include but are not limited to critical illness, hearing, and vision insurance, to mention a few. With these specialty benefits, all your healthcare needs are guaranteed to be addressed.

Take into Account the Wellness Programs Available

Many healthcare plans are tailored to offer incentives to members who embrace healthy lifestyles such as exercising and keeping alcohol and nicotine-free. More importantly, these rewards are available for individuals who complete health surveys. In addition, some Medicare plans offer free membership to gyms to allow their clients to lead healthy lives. Before choosing your 2023 plan, make sure to consider these wellness programs which may provide up to $500 off your annual premiums per adult who participates in the Healthy Rewards Program.

Consider Virtual Services

Many Floridians are busy working, so getting the services of a doctor from the comfort of their home or office is always a great plus. That’s why in 2023, you should consider choosing a plan that offers virtual healthcare services. Make sure that this plan provides the services 24/7, as you may not know when you’ll need the services of a doctor. In addition, choose a plan that allows you virtual wellness visits for chronic illnesses.

With that in mind, choose healthcare plans that suit you the best. While costs for healthcare insurance coverage may increase in Florida by between 4 and 5 percent, always remember your health comes first. And if you’re in Florida, the good news is that Thomas & Associate is your health insurance broker in Jacksonville, FL, a partner who will help you make informed decisions in choosing the right plan, doctors, and price. Contact us to learn more.