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Preparing for your final days may not be something fun, but it’s necessary. Protecting those you love requires the right type of insurance. “For pennies on the dollar”, final expense insurance also called life insurance can provide the coverage you want…and we can help you select the right plan.

In Florida the Department of Insurance also has a classification of final expense insurance as funeral insurance or burial insurance. It’s meant to cover the costs associated with the funeral and the burial or cremation, and designed for people from 50 to 89 years of age with health issues. Some plans are even guaranteed issue, contact us for details.

Why do you Need Final Expense Insurance?

Death can come unexpectedly and it can turn your loved one’s lives upside down. If you pass unexpectedly, will your family be able to handle the cost of the funeral? Will they have to take out a loan or use credit cards to handle your final expenses?

Not only can the high cost of a funeral and burial make it difficult on those you leave behind, but it can also keep you from getting your final wishes. Your loved ones may be forced to choose less appealing options because of the high cost.

The average funeral and burial costs between $8,000 and $10,000. This may seem affordable from the outside looking in, but most families will be financially stressed by the unexpected costs. With the right final expense insurance from a Jacksonville agent, you won’t have to worry about adding this financial burden onto your grieving loved ones when you pass.

What will be Covered?

With a final expense insurance policy in Florida, you may be covered for more than just the funeral and burial costs. Many other costs may be associated with your death, which often get missed when residents put together their plan.

Medical expenses are very common in Florida and not all plans will account for these expenses. Another expense often missed are outstanding debts. These debts may be secured by a home or car, but cause a large burden for your loved ones if you’re not adequately covered.

The right Jacksonville insurance agent will be able to help you get the coverage you need. You won’t have to worry about leaving a large financial burden behind for your loved ones to deal with, while grieving their loss. If you’re unsure of the type of coverage you need, contact your local agent for more information.

Estimating Costs

The costs associated with your funeral and burial require careful consideration. You will need to decide how you want the funeral to go, where you would like to be buried, whether you prefer cremation, the type of casket or urn you prefer and many other important decisions. Gerber Life Insurance is one of the companies that provide coverage for final expense insurance, but there are many other insurance quotes available to find affordable insurance coverage for your needs. Discuss it with a Florida agent to find the best plan for you.

Different Plans

Final expense insurance plans vary from very basic to full service. Depending on your budget and your final wishes, you will want to choose the plan that best fits with your needs.

The most basic plan will provide the most affordable option. It’s usually referred to as an immediate burial plan. This type of plan will cover a graveside service and a basic casket. When you choose a basic plan, you may not be covered for a viewing, headstone, plot or flowers. The plan may cover cremation or burial.

Another option is the traditional full service plan. This type of policy will cover a viewing, formal ceremony, entombment, cremation and a hearse. It will come with a higher premium and may covered preparatory tasks, a wake, flowers, limousines and a procession.

You will have the ability to choose the options you prefer to be a part of your plan. Most mortuaries will offer packages with pre-determined services, but they can be customized to fit your needs. After determining the type of package you prefer, you will be able to obtain a final expense insurance policy with the necessary value to cover the type of funeral and burial you prefer.

Selecting and Securing a Plan

When it comes time to select and secure your plan, you will need the help of an experience Jacksonville insurance agent. It’s important to consider a policy with a higher value than you think necessary to ensure everything is covered. This will help to keep the burden on your loved ones as low as possible.

It’s quite easy to secure your plan. With the help of a local agent, you can apply for a simplified issue plan. This type of plan will require a basic medical questionnaire and a few specific qualifications. You will also have the option to apply for a guaranteed issue plan, which will have a higher premium, but no medical questionnaire or exam. Those with serious health conditions may need to purchase a graded death benefit policy.

Even though a life insurance policy may cover your last expenses, it’s not the answer for everybody. You may not qualify for a traditional life insurance policy due to a pre-existing condition or you may not need as much coverage as many policies provide.

When you choose final expense insurance, you get just enough protection without a higher premium for more than you need. It’s important to compare quotes and take your time to ensure you get the right policy for your specific needs.

Think about Your Family

Before you finalize your new insurance policy, you should take the time to really think about your family’s needs. Will you be leaving behind a large amount of debt? Do you support the family financially? Does your family have a significant amount of money in savings?

Discussing these questions with a professional insurance agent in Florida will help to determine the right level of protection for your specific needs. Every situation is different. Make sure you get the right type of insurance policy to cover your final expenses without putting a financial strain on your budget today.

Why Choose Final Expense Life Insurance

  • Someday, we will all die, and you do not want to hurt your family financially.
  • Many people die much sooner than expected. We all know someone who died "too soon."
  • Someday, we will all need to plan a funeral. Don’t let your family be taken advantage of financially when they are grieving.
  • Leave a legacy of wealth, college education, business dreams, charitable donation, etc.
  • Ensure that your debts are able to be paid.
  • Provide your spouse with the ability to pay off the mortgage.
  • Get knowledgeable advice and review multiple companies at Thomas & Associates (904) 730-3900


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