Accidents happen. Illnesses happen. Disabilities happen. Unfortunately, people can develop a physical or mental disability at some point throughout their life – often, it comes without warning. Many times, this disability can keep a person from working, which means he/she will no longer be earning an income. Out of work, the person usually will try and see if he/she is eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, which is a very complex process. It can be hard to understand If a person qualifies for disability benefits; many people get denied – there’s a better option: disability insurance/personal paycheck protection.
To qualify for a Social Security Disability insurance check, you must be disabled for at least one year and you must be deemed permanently unable to work any occupation. These days, this is hard to qualify for, and usually requires the services of a claims lawyer; it provides no short-term protection and the amount received may not even be enough to cover your bills.

Instead of applying for Social Security benefits, purchase disability insurance/personal paycheck protection. Disability insurance provides income protection for individuals becoming disabled for a short time, but who can go back to work.

Do you NEED disability insurance? Technically, no, but it is a smart investment. Why? One out eight people become disabled every year. Disability/medical expenses are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy and foreclosures. Disability can happen to anyone and at any time.

Our team of certified agent brokers at Thomas & Associates insurance agency in Jacksonville, Florida can help you get your paycheck protected from a serious illness, accident, and/or off-job injury for both short and long-term disability. Below, we wanted to share with you some reasons to choose disability insurance/paycheck protection if you ever became disabled due to an injury or sickness.

Reasons to Choose Disability Insurance, Paycheck Protection

  • Your income is protected, so you can maintain your way of life.
  • It helps you pay your basic, monthly living expenses, including the expenses for groceries, car payments, utilities, childcare, credit card balances, mortgage, and rent.
  • You can receive these benefits even while getting worker’s compensation or Social Security benefits at the same time.
  • This insurance/protection protects you 24/7.
  • This insurance protects your paycheck if you are self-employed.
  • This insurance provides you with a percentage of your salary based on the guidelines of your policy.
  • This individual insurance plan will cover you even if you change jobs.
  • If you purchase this type of insurance, you get to choose the amount of coverage (how much of your salary you will be paid), the length of your coverage, and the waiting period before the benefits kick in.
  • This is also a great insurance to get if your employer doesn’t offer a good or any disability insurance/payment protection options.

Need Help Getting Disability Insurance in Jacksonville?

As stated above, an illness or accident can happen at any time. You insure your car. You insure your home. So, why not insure your paycheck? If you currently don’t have an individual disability insurance policy, act now! You don’t want to become disabled and have to wait a long period of time for Social Security to approve your claim and reward you.

Contact our team at Thomas & Associates today to get a disability insurance quote. With Thomas & Associates, you’ll create a policy quickly that fits your needs. To get started, click our Jacksonville disability insurance contact page or call 904-730-3900