Pending American HealthCare Act in 6 Minutes

Here is the American Healthcare Act in a nutshell, a brief six-minute video to by Tonya Thomas of Thomas and Associates.

  • Continue to pay premiums, plan is good through 2017
    • Changes may be made by Congress but we will keep you updated
  • Staying the same changes
    • Guarantee issue
    • No Cap on Benefits
    • Still keep Kids on Plan until age 26
  • Pending Changes
    • Age banded tax credit instead of income banded
    • No Penalty for not enrolling
      • May be subject to a 30% enrollment penalty when choosing to enroll later
    • Family tax credit capped at $14,000

These are just some brief hightlights from the American Healthcare Act currently proposed by Congress for 2017.  Please stay tuned for more information.  Feel free to watch the whole video for more information.  Also, you can follow us on Facebook.