The Complete Medicare Handbook for 2022


Medicare Insurance open enrollment has finally arrived for eligible Florida citizens. 


During the period that begins on December 7, you have the choice to move from Original Medicare and Medicare Advanced or vice versa. In addition, if you have already enrolled in a Medicare Part D plan or switched from one prescription drug plan to another, or if you did not sign up for Medicare when you first became eligible, you can switch to a different plan.


Enrollment requirements for Medicare Advantage plans vary, but you must be part of Medicare Parts A and B. If you sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan during the annual enrollment time and then decide you don’t need it, you can cancel it and return to Original Medicare during the yearly disenrollment time, which begins January 1.


If you fail to disenroll during this period, you must keep your plan for the rest of the year unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment.

Florida Medicare Insurance FAQs

How does Medicare work?

The most popular programs are Part A and Part B, which generally provide the most services to those who qualify.

Part A of Medicare Insurance Jacksonville FL covers nursing home care, hospice care, inpatient hospital care, and home health care. These services are typically free, so there is no premium to pay.

Part B of the Social Security disability program covers two types of services: medically necessary, such as doctor bills, outpatient hospital care, physical therapy, and more, and preventive services, and early detection of diseases.

Part B is optional, with a cost estimate of $158.50 in 2022 for new registrants. Depending on your income, your premium will be higher.

Part C is used to describe Medicare Advantage plans, which private insurance firms run. The government pays these plans and are administered through a PPO(Preferred Provider Organization) or an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization).

What about drug coverage?

Suppose you are on Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan covering medications and don’t have prescription drug coverage. In that case, you may want to consider obtaining a Part D drug plan.

If you don’t have insurance when you’re eligible for it and need it later, Medicare can charge you a late penalty, so it’s worth thinking about whether or not you need prescription drugs.

What is the gap?

When you hit the initial coverage limit of your Medicare Part D plan, you enter the “donut hole.” In 2022, that sum will be $4,430. It stops in 2022 at $7,050 when you spend a specified amount out of pocket.

Medical Advantage or Original Medicare?

Medicare does not cover routine eye exams, for example. However, most medically necessary services and supplies are in the Original Medicare.

Medicare Advantage plans cover all medically required services that are also under Original Medicare. But, most plans feature supplementary benefits not covered by Original Medicare, such as routine checkups and eye exams.

The government came up with the Medicare Savings Programs to assist people with disabilities and seniors with low income with Medicare premiums. In some circumstances, Medicare Savings Programs may also cover part of your coinsurance, Medicare Part A and B premiums, and copayments.

So if you’re looking for Medical Cover, Jacksonville, FL, call the Social Security Administration’s toll-free number at 1-800-772-1213 to find out whether you qualify and how to apply for Medicaid if you live in a state that has not expanded the program.