2017 Obamacare Plan Options in North Florida

Affordable Healthcare Changes Ahead

2018 Obamacare Plan Options in North Florida

The Open Enrollment Period for the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as “Obamacare” is starting November 1 and continues through to January 31, 2017. This is the time period when existing insured members and new enrollees determine and enroll into coverage for 2017. Due to the upcoming election, Obamacare has had great controversy; I would like to give little clarity for the North Florida market.

Yes it is true; United Healthcare, Aetna-Coventry, and Humana have pulled out of the Obamacare federal exchange marketplace for 2017 here in Florida. If you have coverage in 2016 under one of these heath carriers you will be forced off your plan effective 1/1/17. The good news FloridaBlue is offering marketplace plans in all Florida 67 counties. Locally here is a preview of the plan options in the greater Jacksonville 2017 market.

  • Duval County will have 57 plan options under three carriers; Florida Blue, Ambetter, and Molina
  • Clay County will have 56 plan options under 2 carriers; FloridaBlue and Ambetter
  • St Johns County will have 38 plan options under 1 carrier; FloridaBlue
  • Nassau County will have 25 plan options under 1 carrier; FloridaBlue

Ambetter offers an HMO with Memorial/Orange Park Hospitals and Doctors only in-network.

Molina is a new carrier for Duval County but the hospitals and providers networks are still under contract negotiations, so the complete plan provider information for Molina is still unclear.
Florida Blue features four plan networks options. Florida Blue’s BlueOptions is the most comprehensive network in our area which includes Mayo, Baptist, St Vincent’s, UF Shands and Memorial/Orange Park hospitals and providers in-network.

Another wrinkle in Obamacare for 2017 is forced-migrations. This occurs when a carrier vacates the market and by law insured members are forced into the lowest cost plan in the same metal standing (Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze). For example, in Duval County, if you have Silver plan with United Healthcare, Aetna-Coventry, or Humana, you will likely be forced migrated over to the new carrier Molina Silver plan. Likewise, in Clay County, if you are under one of these exiting carriers, you will be forced migrated over to Ambetter HMO. FloridaBlue leads the market in hospital and provider networks. It is imperative to review your options.

Please take the time to review all the 2017 plan options available in your county. Better yet, save time and see a local agent, it saves time and doesn’t cost any more.  Don’t settle on the forced-migration plans. We at Thomas & Associates offer free insurance consultations and can bring clarity and guidance into the ever changing Obamacare Market. Since 1970, we have helped thousands of families in the Jacksonville area with individual, family and group benefits. Please allow our expert Florida licensed professionals to assist in your 2017 healthcare options.